Embezzlement from medical facility totals approximately $5,000

January 20, 2015


HART — Judy Kumzi, 49, of 310 Wood St., Hart, is accused of embezzling approximately $5,000 from the Oceana County Medical Care Facility, said Oceana County Prosecutor Joe Bizon.

Kumzi was arrested by the Hart Police Department Friday, Jan. 16, for a felony of embezzlement over $1,000/ under $20,000 from OCMCF and arraigned in 78th District Court.

The crime was reported to police last November; an investigation followed; and a warrant was issued, Hart Police Chief Dan Leimback said.

“She was in charge of the college reimbursement fund,” Bizon said. Kumzi faces a maximum penalty of ocmcf 1five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine in addition to restitution, the prosecutor said.

Kumzi posted 10 percent of a $5,000 bond, court personnel said.

OCMCF officials declined comment on the case. No other information was immediately available.



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