Deputies busy with 7 crashes

December 9, 2014

SpringsteadHoriz_2HART — Deputies from the Oceana County Sheriff’s Office responded to seven separate property damage accidents Monday, Dec. 8, on slushy roads.

– 1:09 a.m., traffic stop, S. 192nd Ave. and Wilke Rd.

– 1:16 a.m., assist, 200 block of S. Peach Ave.

– 5:13 a.m., traffic stop, US-31 and S. Hammett Rd.

– 6:49 a.m., traffic stop, W. Main St and S. Water St.

– 8:49 a.m., reckless driving, 4300 block of W. Monroe Rd.

– 9:01 a.m., property damage accident, 2700 block of W. Shelby Rd.

– 10:30 a.m., warrant pickup, 8400 block of Robinhood Dr.

– 12:07 p.m., civil, 1500 block of E. Cross St.

– 12:16 a.m., property damage accident, S. Oceana Dr. and W. M-20.

– 1:37 p.m., property damage accident, W. Shelby Rd. and S. 88th Ave.

– 2:46 p.m., assist, 2400 block of W. 72nd Ave.

– 3:25 p.m., property damage accident, 800 block of N. US-31.

– 3:30 p.m., property damage accident, US 31 and W. Polk Rd.

– 4:33 p.m., property damage accident, Loop Rd. and S. 154th Ave.

– 5:22 p.m., property damage accident, 600 block of E. Tyler Rd.

– 6:28 p.m., traffic stop, US-31 and W. Stony Lake Rd.

– 9:08 p.m., traffic hazard, US-31 and W. Shelby Rd.

– 9:50 p.m., traffic stop, E. VanBuren Rd. and N. 176h Ave.

– 10:06 p.m., warrant pickup, Chapita Hills Rd.

– 11:01 p.m., assist, E. Filmore Rd. and N. Maple Island Rd.

The OCSO report is brought to you by Springstead Law Offices, with locations in Hart and Fremont, 231-873-4022 (Hart),



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