Contractor ordered to pay back nearly $21,000

November 26, 2014


By Allison Scarbrough. OCP Editor.

HART — A contractor was recently ordered to pay $20,925.04 in restitution for defrauding Gale’s IGA.

Michael Joseph Gamble, 46, of 311 E. Colby Rd., Whitehall, was sentenced in 27th Circuit Court Monday, Nov. 25, for an Oct. 13 conviction of contractor – fraud use fund, which carries a three-year maximum. Judge Anthony A. Monton said Gamble has to pay back the money that he took from to the grocery store within a year.

“I appreciate the opportunity that you and the prosecutor gave me by allowing me to pay the debt off in a timely manner,” Gamble said to the judge.

Gamble was also sentenced to nine months in jail to be served at the court’s discretion, with credit for one day served; one year probation; no alcohol/drugs and must submit to testing; may not engage in any assaultive, abusive or threatening behavior; $198 in fines and costs; and a $120 probation supervision fee.

“The court is not imposing jail at this time but reserves the right to do so,” Gamble’s judgment paperwork states.



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