Hesperia students gain ‘real-world’ experience

November 5, 2014
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FloraCraft Executive Vice President of Operations Vic Burwell instructs Hesperia High School students Hannah Kidder, Robin Golden and Hannah Sperry during a tour of the plant.

LUDINGTON — Hesperia High School’s material science class — a new class at the school — toured two Ludington manufacturing facilities, FloraCraft and Great Lakes Castings, Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Teacher Jennifer Sherburn coordinated the trip with Vic Burwell from FloraCraft and Rob Killips from Great Lakes Castings. FloraCraft is one of the leading producers of foam craft products in the world, and Great Lakes Castings is a leading supplier of hesp field trip 2high quality, readily-machinable gray iron castings.

“It is my first time teaching the elective course, and I wanted to provide my students with real-world experiences,” Sherburn said. The two plants were perfect companies to tour, because of the curriculum connection with polymers and metals, she added.

“It was interesting how low viscosity of molten iron is, and how it flowed easily like water,” said student Eric Hussey. “And, it was interesting how much sand was used at the foundry.”

“The visit to both companies was a fantastic experience and wonderful opportunity,” Sherburn said. “Having supportive local industries to visit is a great opportunity as these young people try to find a career path to pursue.”

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