Break-in among OCSO activity

November 3, 2014

SpringsteadHoriz_2CRYSTAL TWP. — The Oceana County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a breaking and entering that was reported Tuesday, Oct. 28, at 3:30 p.m. in the 4200 block of E. Jackson Rd. Items taken include a power saw, air compressor, tool box and battery charger.

Other recent OCSO activity includes:

Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014

– 12:34 p.m., phone harassment complaint, 4500 block of S. 198th Ave., Greenwood Twp.

– 2 p.m., trespassing complaint, Section 21, Greenwood Twp.

– 2:12 p.m., 30-year-old Grand Rapids woman was arrested at the Muskegon County Jail on a warrant for failure to appear.

– 3 p.m., assist Hart PD, PPO violation, 4000 block of N. 168th Ave., Newfield Twp.

– 9:55 p.m., possession of marijuana,  M-20 near Winter St., Hesperia.

Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014

– 4:58 a.m., assist at a structure fire, 9500 block of S. 200th Ave., Greenwood Twp.

– 5:48 a.m., manufacturing marijuana, warrant pending, 4000 block of S. 198th Ave., Newfield Twp.

– 7:27 a.m., Ionia Co. pickup of a 21-year-old Clarksville man who is a former Hart resident. He was arrested on a warrant for probation violation.

– 7:50 a.m., larceny of money and depressants, 5500 block of S. Oceana Dr., Grant Twp.

– 12:40 p.m., a 20-year-old Gurnee, Ill. man arrested on a felony warrant for manufacturing methamphetamines/ecstasy.

– 3:54 p.m., peacekeeping, 8000 block of N. 188th Ave., Colfax Twp.

– 4:50 p.m., peacekeeping, 400 block of Hart St., Hart

– 4:52 p.m., a 63-year-old Walkerville man was arrested on a trespassing warrant, 7900 block of E. Washington Rd., Colfax Twp.

– 9:05 p.m., civil dispute, 7000 block of N. Hilltop Crt., Pentwater.

– 9 p.m., 28-year-old Shelby man arrested for PPO violation, 1900 block of S. 88th Ave., Shelby.

– 10:04 p.m., larceny of a 500-pound tank half full of propane, 8000 block of N. 188th Ave., Colfax Twp. Warrant pending.

Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014

– 2:31 a.m., car-deer crash, N. 80th Ave. near Washington Rd., Weare Twp.

– 11:43 a.m., reckless driving complaint, 6300 block of S. 116th Ave., Otto Twp.

– 12:45 p.m., assist CPS, 7000 block of N. 186th Ave., Colfax Twp.

– 1:13 p.m., larceny of firewood, W. Webster Rd. near 92nd Ave., Grant Twp.

Friday, Oct. 31, 2014

– 1:26 a.m., an 18-year-old Fremont man was arrested on a warrant, M-20 near Maple Island Rd., Hesperia.

– 6:34 a.m., alarm activation, 9000 block of W. Wood Rd., Golden Twp.

– 7:51 a.m., car-deer crash, N. 144th Ave. near Minke Rd., Crystal Twp.

– 9:44 a.m., possession of marijuana, Walkerville School, warrant pending.

– 11:35 a.m., assault, 2400 block of W. Cleveland Rd, Grant Twp.

– 2:47 p.m., internet fraud, 1100 block of S. Oceana Dr., Shelby.

– 6:10 p.m., a 51-year-old Hart man was arrested for parole violation, 200 block of Dryden St., Hart.

– 7:50 p.m., car-deer crash, US-31 near Winston Rd., Grant Twp.

– 8:45 p.m., breaking and entering to a residence, door kicked in and nothing taken, 500 block of E. McKinley Rd., Otto Twp.

– 11:39 p.m., a 22-year-old Montague man arrested for operating while intoxicated, S. 102nd Ave. near Wilke Rd., Grant Twp.

Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014

– 1:35 a.m., car/dog crash, S. Oceana Dr. near 79th Ave., Shelby.

– 3:30 a.m., loud music, Meadow Lane near 88th Ave., Grant Twp.

– 7:38 a.m., car-deer crash, N. 170th Ave. near Madison Rd., Crystal Twp.

– 9 a.m., assist Shelby PD, 100 block of Pine St., Shelby.

– 1:37 p.m., 911 hang-up, 500 block of S. Glen Rd., Benona Twp.

– 7:20 p.m., car-deer crash, US-31 near Winston Rd., Grant Twp.

– 8:50 p.m., car-deer crash, Oceana Dr. near Arthur Rd., Grant Twp.

Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014

– 7 a.m., family dispute, 3600 block of N. 72nd Ave., Hart Twp.

– 7:28 a.m., car-deer crash, US-31 near Winston Rd., Grant Twp.

– 8:53 a.m., car-deer crash, N. 72nd Ave. near Harrison Rd., Hart Twp.

– 10 a.m., neighbor trouble, 100 block of N. Leavitt St., Walkerville.

– 10:07 a.m. ,property damage accident, Second St. near Dover St., Pentwater.

– 2:47 p.m., embezzlement, Double JJ Resort, 5900 block of S. Water Rd., Grant Twp.

– 3 p.m., damage to mailboxes, 4400 N. 168th Ave., Leavitt Twp.

– 3:10 p.m., family dispute, 2800 W. Cleveland Rd., Grant Twp.

– 5:19 p.m., assist DNR, 1700 block of N. White Birch Dr., Golden Twp.

– 6:42 p.m., car-deer crash, Deer Rd. near 56th Ave., Golden Twp.

– 7:24 p.m., loud music, 600 block of N. Tyler Rd., Hart Twp.

– 8:15 p.m., car-deer crash, US-31 near Polk Rd., Hart Twp.

– 9:30 p.m., car-deer crash, 64th Ave. near Stony Lake Rd., Shelby Twp.

– 10 p.m., car-deer crash, Oceana Dr. near Hayes Rd., Shelby Twp.

Monday, Nov. 3, 2014

– 7:30 a.m., car-turkey crash, Madison near 144th Ave., Crystal Twp.

– 2:09 p.m., car-deer crash, US-31 near Tyler Rd., Hart Twp.

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