County treasurer will not be charged

October 29, 2014


HART — Oceana County Treasurer Sheila Gowell will not face criminal charges stemming from a property seizure of a foreclosed beachfront home.

A criminal allegation in the Oceana County Treasurer’s Office was being investigated by the Mason County Prosecutor’s Office. Special Prosecutor Paul Spaniola announced his decision Wednesday, Oct. 29, that Gowell will not face charges.

Oceana County Prosecutor Joe Bizon disqualified himself as prosecutor due to a conflict of interest.

The case, which came to light last August, involved an accusation that Gowell took  property from a Lake Michigan beachfront that had been foreclosed on by her office.

The investigation began after a complaint was filed by someone who was looking after the house for the homeowner and noticed some things were missing and contacted police.



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