Arrests, crashes, larcenies keep deputies busy

October 28, 2014

SpringsteadHoriz_2Recent Oceana County Sheriff’s Office activity:

Monday, Oct. 20, 2014

– 9:48 a.m., 33-year-old Hart man arrested for parole violation, 3200 block of N. 72nd Ave., Hart Twp.

– 11:23 a.m., possible state land use violation, S. 160th Ave. near Johnson Rd., Newfield Twp.

– 1:19 p.m., larceny of checks and uttering and publishing, 2700 block of W. Lake Rd., Hart Twp. Turned over to prosecutor’s office.

– 2:06 p.m., larceny of arrowheads, 5700 block of Okemos Tr., Lake Tahoe, Grant Twp.

– 3:13 p.m., assist Child Protective Services (CPS), 100 block of S. Michigan Ave., Shelby.

– 3:35 p.m., malicious destruction of property (MDOP) to a window, 2900 block of W. McKinley Rd., Rothbury.

– 8 p.m., car-deer crash, S. Oceana Dr. near Baseline Rd., Shelby.

Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014

– 1:37 p.m., assist Oceana County Health Dept., 5300 block of E. Harrison Rd., Leavitt Twp.

– 8:33 p.m., 34-year-old Hesperia man arrested for driving while license suspended (DWLS) and open intoxicants, McLaren Lake Rd., Newfield Twp.

Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014

– 12:11 a.m., car-deer crash, US 31 and Business 31, Pentwater Twp.

– 5:35 a.m., 44-year-old Shelby man arrested on a warrant, 500 block of Fowler St., Shelby.

– 12:08 p.m., a breaking and entering and larceny of a quad, occurred some time between Oct. 17-21, E. Warren Rd., Ferry Twp.

– 6:17 p.m., 31-year-old Hart woman arrested for no operator’s license, 144th Ave. near Hazel Rd., Elbridge Twp.

– 7:33 p.m., car-deer crash, S. 192nd Ave. near Roosevelt Rd., Greenwood Twp.

– 7:53 p.m. car-deer crash, Webster Rd. near 72nd Ave., Grant Twp.

Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014

– 12:24 a.m., assist Hart PD., State St. and Hilltop Dr., Hart

– 7:56 a.m., car-deer crash, N. 66th Ave., Weare Twp.

– 9:19 a.m., car-deer crash, E. Harrison Rd., Elbridge Twp.

– 3:39 p.m., 31-year-old Muskegon man arrested on a bench warrant, Muskegon County Jail.

– 5:18 p.m., 26-year-old Holton woman arrested for operating while intoxicated, second offense, N. 176th Ave. near VanBuren Rd., Colfax Twp.

– 8:15 p.m., personal injury accident, York Rd. near 108th Ave., Hart Twp.

– 11:06 p.m., 48-year-old Saranac man arrested for domestic violence, 2900 block of Cerry Rd., Golden Twp.

Friday, Oct. 24, 2014

– 12:31 a.m., car-deer crash, US-31, near Monroe Rd., Weare Twp.

– 8:04 a.m., alarm activation, 7600 block of Darlington Lake Rd., Newfield Twp.

– 1:55 p.m., assist CPS, 2400 block of Whitetail Dr., Grant Twp.

– 6:22 p.m., trespassing, Minke Rd., Colfax Twp.

– 6:36 p.m., larceny of a log splitter and chainsaw, 900 block of W. Arthur Rd., Grant Twp.

– 11:49 p.m., shots fired, Stony Lake Rd., Benona Twp.

Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014

– 1:05 p.m., threatening texts, 3200 block of N. 72nd Ave., Hart Twp.

– 5:35 p.m., reckless driving complaint, US-31 near county line, Grant Twp.

– 6:35 p.m., overturned boat, 14-foot flat-bottom boat, three occupants ejected, Pentwater River near Wayne Rd., Pentwater Twp. No injuries, alcohol believed to be factor, boat became wedged in sand and filled with water, boat was left there. Case turned over to the DNR for further investigation and prosecution, police said.

Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014

– 3 a.m., suspicious vehicle, Grant Twp. Hall and FD, Grant Twp.

– 9:05 a.m., larceny from a vehicle, 100 block of S. Elm St., Hesperia.

– 1:16 p.m., gas drive-off, Hesperia EZ Mart, Hesperia.

– 4:34 p.m., shots fired, 900 block of W. Garfield Rd., Otto Twp.

Monday, Oct. 27, 2014

– 12:58 a.m., domestic violence, 4000 block of Hart St., Hart.

– 5:14 a.m., car-cow crash, Maple Island Rd., Greenfield Twp.

– 4:46 p.m., unwanted/intoxicated subject, 4600 block of 3rd St., New Era.

– 8:48 p.m., family threats/damage to property, 300 block of W. Scout Rd., Hart, incident occurred some time between Oct.11-13.

– 1:50 p.m., larceny of metal roof, 100 block of N. 160th Ave., Elbridge Twp.

– 4:23 p.m., missing person/located, 700 block of S. 176th Ave., Newfield Twp.

– 7:50 p.m., car-deer crash, M-20 near 198th Ave., Newfield Twp.

– 8:45 p.m., car-deer crash, M-20 near 140th Ave., Ferry Twp.

Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014

– 12:18 a.m., car-deer crash, E. Fish Rd., Newfield Twp.

– 11 a.m., domestic violence, 5400 E. Skeels Rd., Greenwood Twp., incident occurred 10/27.

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