Sheriff’s office busy with car-deer crashes, warrant arrests

October 20, 2014

SpringsteadHoriz_2The Oceana County Sheriff’s Office report is brought to you by Springstead Law Offices, with locations in Hart and Fremont, 231-873-4022 (Hart),

Monday, Oct. 13, 2014

– 3:30 p.m., residential alarm, 9500 block of Pentwater Blvd., Pentwater Twp.

– 5:14 p.m., tampered vehicle, 540 block of E. Buchanan Rd., Newfield Twp.

– 7:44 p.m., 911 hangup, 6000 block of E. Loop Rd., Newfield Twp.

– 8:42 p.m., assist Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office, 1100 block of S. Maple Island Rd., Denver Twp.

– 10:14 p.m., assist Michigan State Police, 5800 block of Seventh St., Mears.

Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014

– 7:25 a.m., car-deer accident, W. Grant Rd., Shelby Twp.

– 12:30 p.m., bench warrant arrest, picked up suspect in Ottawa Co.

– 3 p.m., reported unlawful driving away of an automobile (UDAA), 2900 block of N. 64th Ave., Hart Twp.

– 5:21 p.m., larceny of a tree stand, E. Warren Rd., Ferry Twp.

– 6:31 p.m., 911 hang-up, 3900 block of S. Riverview Dr., Newfield Twp.

– 10:48 p.m., domestic dispute, 4100 block of E. White River Dr., Ferry Twp.

Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014

– 12:25 p.m., personal injury accident, 5200 block of W. Hammett Rd. near 60th Ave., Pentwater Twp., see related story rollover crash

– 7:25 p.m., warrant arrest at the OCSO, Lincoln St., Hart, 19-year-old Muskegon woman turned herself in to authorities.

Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014

– 4:48 a.m., traffic hazard, deer carcass, US-31 Hart ramp, Hart Twp.

– 7 a.m., domestic dispute, 5100 block of N. 88th Ave., Weare Twp.

– 9 a.m., hunter safety courses, Pentwater Schools.

– 1:43 p.m., wellbeing check, 5900 block of S. Leelanau Circle, Grant Twp.

– 2 p.m., larceny of $100 bill, 2400 Meadow Ln., Grant Twp.

– 3:55 p.m., reckless driving, 1400 block of E . Hammett Rd., Crystal Twp.

– 6:08 p.m., car-deer accident, S. 56th Ave. near Webster Rd., Claybanks Twp.

– 7:43 p.m., car-deer accident, W. Woodrow Rd., Shelby Twp.

– 8:16 p.m., car-deer accident, Taylor Rd. near 116th Ave., Elbridge Twp.

– 9:40 p.m., car-deer, US-31 near Webster Rd., Grant Twp.

– 10 p.m., suspicious situation, 7600 block of N. 186th Ave., Colfax Twp.

Friday, Oct. 17, 2014

– 10:21 a.m., suspicious situation/loose horses, 1900 block of E. M-20, Shelby Twp.

– 11:39 a.m., property damage accident, W. Winston Rd. near 88th Ave.

– 12:13 p.m., property damage accident, N. Oceana Dr. near Jackson Rd., Weare Twp.

– 1:42 p.m., suspicious person, Rothbury Wesco, Grant Twp.

– 1:45 p.m., assist Hart PD., 1100 block of Dryden St., Hart.

– 4:22 p.m., assist Child Protective Services, 300 block of E. Laurel St., Walkerville.

– 4:31 p.m., assist Oceana County Corrections Dept., Oceana County Jail.

– 5:21 p.m., CPR instruction, Hart Public Schools, Hart.

– 5:25 p.m., 4500 block of E. Garfield Rd., Ferry Twp.

– 6:28 p.m., personal injury accident, E. Madison near 144th Ave., Crystal Twp.

Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014

– 5:43 a.m., motorist assist, US-31 near Polk Rd., Hart Twp.

– 6:03 a.m., barking dogs, 5300 block of W. Park Rd., Claybanks Twp.

– 1:47 p.m., alarm, 6000 block of E. Loop Rd., Newfield Twp.

– 2:10 p.m., personal injury accident, Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

– 3:32 p.m., car-deer accident, E. Taylor and 122nd Ave., Elbridge Twp.

– 5:56 p.m., personal injury accident, Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

– 7 p.m., domestic assault, 100 block of S. 56th Ave., Benona Twp, 36-year-old Shelby man arrested.

– 7:58 p.m., warrant arrest, 100 block of Pine St., Shelby, 26-year-old Shelby man arrested.

– 8:14 p.m., shining complaint, N. 144th Ave. near Tyler Rd., Elbridge Twp.

Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014

– 1:03 a.m., traffic hazard, E. Tyler Rd. near 140th Ave., Elbridge Twp.

– 1:12 a.m., assist Hart PD, S. State St. at the fairgrounds entrance, Hart.

– 1:47 a.m., assist Shelby PD, 300 block of Kelly St., Shelby.

– 1:50 a.m., driving while license suspended (DWLS) arrest, W. Jackson Rd. near 96th Ave., Weare Twp., 23-year-old Hart man arrested.

– 2:17 a.m., open intoxicants, E. Garfield Rd. near Maple Island Rd., Greenwood Twp.

– 3:09 a.m., assist Hart PD, 100 block of N. State St., Hart.

– 4:24 a.m., operating while intoxicated, E. Skeels Rd. near 200th Ave., Greenwood Twp., 22-year-old Hart man arrested.

– 11:54 a.m., wellbeing check, 1600 block of W. Grant Rd., Shelby Twp.

– 1:38 p.m., traffic hazard, N. 88th Ave. near Madison Rd., Weare Twp.

– 3:56 p.m., missing property, 4000 block of W. Baker Rd., Shelby Twp.

– 4:35 p.m., warrant arrest for minor in possession of alcohol (MIP), 2800 block of E. Garfield Rd., Ferry Twp., a 17-year-old Hesperia man arrested.

– 5:05 p.m., hit and run accident, 6700 block of E. Loop Rd., Newfield Twp.

– 7 p.m., gas drive-off, Shelby Wesco, Shelby.

– 7:50 p.m., car-deer accident, US-31 near Shelby Rd., Shelby Twp.

– 8:17 p.m., car-deer accident, W. Park Rd. near 36th Ave., Claybanks Twp.

– 9:27 p.m., assist HPD, N. State St. near Hansen St., Hart.

– 11:25 p.m., motorist assist, E. Loop Rd. near 140th Ave., Ferry Twp.

Monday, Oct. 20, 2014

– 5:47 a.m., no operator’s license arrest, State St. near Fifth St., Shelby, 25-year-old Shelby man arrested.

– 6:26 a.m., DWLS, US-31 near Taylor Rd., Hart Twp., 44-year-old Manistee man arrested.

– 6:43 a.m., car-deer accident, Arthur Rd. near 104th Ave., Grant Twp.

– 9:48 a.m., warrant arrest, 3200 block of N. 72dn Ave., Hart Twp., 33-year-old Hart man arrested.


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