Community Foundation awards $157,600 in scholarships

August 14, 2014

SHELBY — The Community Foundation for Oceana County recently announced that 159 student awards totaling $157,600 were awarded in Oceana County.

grad capThe Foundation has 29 scholarship funds and $4.7 million in scholarship endowments. One new scholarship was recently established – the John Bush III Memorial Scholarship, benefiting Walkerville High School students. Lowering financial barriers for post-secondary education success is one of the key goals of the Oceana College Access Network’s common agenda. Helping local students be financially prepared for college via local scholarship opportunities and completing the FAFSA is step one.

“To build and sustain a vibrant economy – both here and in the State of Michigan – we need to ensure that all students have equal opportunity to receive the education and training necessary to be ready for today’s careers,” said Foundation Chair and Hager-Lacey Committee member Bill Bluhm.

Scholarships from foundation funds include:

– John Bush III Memorial Scholarship: $600, Darrell Brown, Jr. and Colton Mitchell, Walkerville

– Dykstra Scholarship: $500, Grace Schroeder, Shelby

– Ruth & Frans Feuerstein Scholarship: $500, Caleb Glover, Pentwater

– Robert J. Gebhart Memorial Scholarship: $500, Brittany Wise, Hart

– Gerald “Bud” & Judy Greiner Agricultural Scholarship Fund: $1,000 two years, Ryan Malburg, ASM Tech Early College program

– Gerald L. Malburg Scholarship: $500, Blake Johnson, Pentwater

– Hager-Lacey Memorial Scholarship: $1000 four years, Darrell Brown, Jr., Walkerville; Sydney Dodds, Hart; Paige Goughler, Shelby; and Paige Lavin, Hesperia; $500 four years, Nathaniel Nowsch and Joseph Thrailkill, Pentwater

– Hart Foundation Scholarship: $1,000, Macie Brown, Breanna Escamilla and Brittany Wise

– Hart Foundation – Floyd “Pete” and Georgia Coulier Scholarship: $250, Maggie Heer, Hart and Maria Rosas, ASM Tech early college

– Hart Public Schools Robert E. Diman Scholarship: $1,000, Timothy Alltop, Wyatt Baum, Kassidy Bowen, Macie Brown, Drew Buozis, Jessica Cook, Elizabeth Croff, Dakotah Cutter, Samantha Davis, Sydney Dodds, Austin Dunford, Breanna Escamilla, Joseph Fillips, Jackson Forner, Maggie Heer, Tyler Lenon, McKenzi Mangold, Kyler McQuesten, McKenna Miller, Darrah Moul, Nicholas Rombach, Patricia Sanchez, Anastacia Shellhouse, Corey Simons, Susy Simon, Jonathon Vanderstelt, Jennifer Walker, Brittany Wise; $750,  Maria Rosas, $500, Maggie Moul; and $250, Travess Smith

– Hart Public Schools Robert E. Diman Vocational Scholarship: $2,000, Logan Hutchinson and Thomas Stoneman

– Hart Lions Memorial Scholarship: $1,000, Francieska Boyko, Pentwater; and Logan Felt, Shelby

– Hart Rotary Club Scholarship: $1,000, Darrah Moul, Hart and Nathaniel Nowsch, Pentwater

– Helen Hutt Scholarship: $1,000, Tara Frinkle, Muskegon Community College

– Edwin Johnson Scholarship: $500, Elizabeth Croff, Hart

– Kirk Music & Education Fund: $1,000, Natalie Henley, Pentwater

– Mason-Oceana-Manistee Board of Realtors Scholarship: $500, Breanna Escamilla, Hart

– Oceana/Mason MSU Alumni Scholarship: $750, Gregory Anderson, ASM Tech Early

College program and Sarah Hughes, Western Michigan Christian

– Michael W. Malburg Sr. Memorial Scholarship: $450, Dakotah Cutter, Hart and Joseph Thrailkill, Pentwater

– Dean Patrick Scholarship: $500, Rachel Farber, Hesperia

– Pentwater Foundation – Vern & Florence Martin Charitable Trust: $1,000, Taylor

Gebhart, Caleb Glover, Nathan Nowsch, Joseph Thrailkill; $500, Alexander Wagner

– Pentwater Foundation – Francis Tryout Scholarship: $1,500, Blake Johnson

– Pink and Green Bowl Scholarship: $500, Guadalupe Ambrocio, Shelby and Monica Aguilar, Hart

– Joan and David Roseman Medical Scholarship: $500, Francieska Boyko, Pentwater; Rachel Farber, Hesperia; Tristen Moore, Shelby; Joseph Thrailkill, Pentwater; Kristopher Kieft, Michigan State University and Emily Schuchardt, Loyola University

– Shelby Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: $500, Gerald Fleury

– Shelby Foundation – Alexander Scholarship: $500, Andrew Fortier

– Shelby Foundation – Steve Boutell Scholarship: $1,000, Jozilyn Kinstner

– Shelby Foundation – Heather Copenhaver Scholarship: $500, Tristen Moore

– Shelby Foundation – Ralph Horton Scholarship: $500, Kaylee Smith

– Shelby Foundation – Edith Laman Scholarship: $1000, Logan Felt

– Shelby Foundation – Griffin Scholarship: $1000, Jason Beckman

– Shelby Foundation – Esther Wiard Scholarship: $900, Andrew Beckman and Brian Schamber

– Shelby Rotary Club Scholarship – $1,500 two years, Jason Beckman, Jozilyn Kinstner, Erin Ray, Brian Schamber and Nancy Walborn, Shelby; and $1,500 one year, Weston Danes,  ASM Tech Early College program

– Bert Stevens Memorial Scholarship: $600, Ryan Malburg, ASM Tech Early College program and Jonathon Vanderstelt, Hart

– Robert & Joyce Veltman Scholarship – $1,000 two years, McKenna Inglis, Shelby

– Joseph P. Warmbier Scholarship: $1,000, Cody Bradshaw, Maggie Heer, Bonifacio Hernandez, Olivia Hopkins; and $500, Darrah Moul, Hart and Maria Rosas, ASM Tech Early College program

– Warren G. White Scholarship: $500 two years, Kaylee Smith, Shelby

– US Marine Brett Witteveen Memorial Scholarship: $500, Cody Bradshaw and Maggie Heer, Hart

The Community Foundation does not make awards solely on the basis of need. Academic achievement, community involvement, extracurricular activities, intended field of study and financial need are all taken into consideration. All Community Foundation scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. The online application process for 2015 will open Nov. 1, 2014 at, and the submission deadline is March 1, 2015. For further information, contact the Foundation office at 231-861-8335.


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