Republican convention in Hart

August 11, 2014

Republican-LogoHART — All county republican parties are mandated by the state to hold their conventions at the same time and date: Thursday Aug. 14 at 7 p.m., and the Oceana County Republican Party will hold its convention at the Hart City Hall, at 407 S. State St.

“I am overjoyed at the number of precinct delegates Oceana County elected in this last primary election,” said county party Chair Bob Carr. “We have 49 newly-elected precinct delegates from across the county.  These delegates are the backbone of our republican party. At our county convention, we will select six delegates to go to Novi for the state GOP convention, along with six alternate delegates.

According to Carr, all GOP Incumbent state and county officials and nominees have also been invited to the county convention and will have a vote in that selection process. The total invited and qualified to vote is 70.

“The importance of our convention cannot be overstated,” Carr said. “It will be those six delegates and six alternates which we select in Hart that will join with others elected from all the other counties throughout Michigan who at the state convention will vote upon which republican candidates will be on the ballot in November for the office of lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general and the justices of the state supreme court. Also, the republican nominees for the state board of education and the governing boards for our state-run universities are chosen,” Carr said.

“This election year, I’m excited as we have more people willing to accept the honor of representing Oceana republicans at the state convention than we have slots to fill.  I’m looking forward to this true exercise in local democracy. I congratulate all those newly-elected officials and precinct delegates and thank them for standing up and taking part in this unique American exercise in self government,” Carr added.