Hansen faces challenger in Tuesday’s primary

August 1, 2014

By Allison Scarbrough. OCP Editor.

Sen. Goeff Hansen (R-Hart) is challenged in Tuesday’s primary election by Republican Nick Sundquist of Muskegon to represent Michigan Senate’s 34th District, which includes Muskegon, Newaygo and Oceana counties.

Here is some information about the candidates:

Goeff Hansen

Basic Info



– Age 56, married with two grown sons and four


– Owns Hansen Distributing;  former owner of Hansen Bear Lake Foods and Hansen Foods in Hart.

– State representative 2004–2010

– State Senator 2010 to present

– Hart High School graduate; attended Hope College and West Shore Community College.

– EMT for Oceana County Ambulance; firefighter and assistant fire chief in Bear Lake; firefighter in Hart; Manistee County EMT and first responder; firefighter/first aid/CPR and ice rescue instructor; member of the 4-H Advisory Board for Oceana and Manistee counties; served as a member of the Hart Area Jaycees and Bear Lake Lions; coached youth and middle and high school basketball, track, football and soccer teams; member of the Oceana Pomesters Club, Michigan Farm Bureau, National Rifle Association, SCI, Ducks Unlimited, Ruffed Grouse Society, Baker College Entrepreneurial Advisory Board and Muskegon Community College Foundation Board of Directors.

– Web site: senatorgoeffhansen.com.


Renaming of the new William Field Memorial Hart-Montague Rail Trail; securing the final funding to repave the rail trail; securing state road funding to improve Monroe Road; expanding the Healthy Kids Dental program to our area; leading efforts to secure emergency harbor dredging funding; working to secure state-approval to cover lactation consultation and equipment for Medicaid-eligible mothers; allocating more state funding to support the Pure Michigan campaign; assisting with efforts to realize the Lake Pointe Senior Housing project in Hart; and will continue to provide solutions and strong, focused leadership to help our area reposition itself as one of our state’s economic powerhouses.

Why are you seeking re-election?

I want to continue to use my experience as a former local family business owner and job provider to create jobs, grow our business sector, strengthen our economy and continue drawing people back to Michigan. Our economy is moving in the right direction and while there’s still much more to do, we must continue building on our recent successes to deliver real results for hard-working lakeshore residents. I believe Michigan’s recovery is two-pronged: Make it easier for our businesses to create stable, good paying jobs, and we need an education system that will prepare our children for these jobs. Reduced unemployment, higher wages and greater profitability will increase our state’s tax base and lessen the financial strain on other areas of our state budget.

What challenges are facing our district and what are your plans to address them?

My source of motivation comes from enjoying helping people and being an active volunteer in our community. It has been a distinct honor to represent you in the state senate and the values we share in our area. I’ve spent this term traveling all over Muskegon, Newaygo and Oceana counties talking and listening to residents who need assistance and expect solutions. While some needs may be complex, lakeshore residents are strong, they have an unwavering spirit and they’re determined to succeed. These qualities are helping our community move Michigan forward. I will continue to work on local projects, like those above, which personify the forward momentum of our economy.

What are your goals if re-elected?

Just as important to fixing Michigan’s economy is also making sure our area has a “seat at the table” in Lansing. I believe in delivering real results for lakeshore residents – that is what you elected me to do four years ago. For the first time, in a long time, we’ve worked to create an environment that will continue to drive job creation and economic opportunities for hard-working Michigan residents. This election offers us a great opportunity to continue the forward momentum of our state and create new job opportunities.

Nick Sundquist



Basic Info

I grew up in the Pinch Town neighborhood of Muskegon. Like many Michiganders, I was forced to move away for work by the economic conditions in our state. When I was unable to find work, I enlisted in the United States Air Force where I proudly served four years working in the cardiac care unit at Wilford Hall Medical Center at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. When I was honorably discharged from the Air Force, I became an “owner operator” for North American Van Lines. After years of struggling financially and nearly broke, I took a job washing dishes in Florida. With hard work and some luck, I turned that meager start into a successful culinary career. While home on vacation from my job as station chef on the Royal Viking Sun, my father introduced me to the craft of automotive paintless dent repair. Being in business for myself that first year was scary but with perseverance and a little more luck, I turned a small-time skill I’d developed working for car dealers and body shops into full time work for two other men and began concentrating on the retail trade. I have been successfully self-employed for 18 years now.

Twelve years ago, I met a charming young lady at Muskegon’s summer celebration. We have been married for 10 of the happiest years of my life. We are parishioners at St. Francis de Sales Church and are proud members of the Invandrarna choir at the Vikings Lodge on Lakeshore Drive. We are blessed with three happy healthy sons that we are fortunate enough to home school.

 Web site: nick4senate.com

What challenges are facing our district and what are your plans to address them?/What are your goals if elected?

Education: If I am privileged to serve as our next State Senator, I will introduce legislation allowing for Michigan to offer its parents an “Opportunity Credit” with which they could use to offset the cost of tuition in any school of their choice. This puts the power and responsibility of a proper education on those who know the child best, the parents.

Personal Income Tax: The income tax in Michigan should be eliminated.

Corporate Welfare: End corporate welfare and force Lansing to invest in Michigan companies, not give tax breaks to out of state businesses.

Part Time Legislature: We need part time legislators, not full time politicians.

Healthcare: Healthcare reform that makes sense, not Obamacare.

Why are you seeking election?

I am running for Michigan’s 34th Senate seat because I want to peel away all the unnecessary regulations imposed by those in Lansing that make it so difficult for people to chase their dreams. I want to change the culture in Lansing that seemingly ignores the needs and wishes of its constituents and lead our legislature into a new era of responsible, principled governance.  I am pro-life. I believe the government’s role in our lives should be minimal and free people ought to be left to pursue their own happiness.

Editor’s Note: OCP reached out to both candidates by emailing them questionnaires for this article and was unsuccessful in connecting with Sundquist. His information was obtained from his web site.

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