Man with slit throat, death are 2 separate incidents at EF

June 30, 2014

Hammocks hang in the Sherwood Forest at the Electric Forest Festival. A serious injury caused by a hammock that was hung with metal in a camping area was reported.

ROTHBURY — Rumors are swirling around social media sites that Brian Alan Brockette, the 20-year-old Caledonia man who died during the final evening of the Electric Forest Festival, is the same man who suffered a severe cut across his neck.

According to, the two are separate incidents.

“A separate unfortunate event took place at Electric Forest this year, where an attendee was reported to have suffered grave injuries to his neck, resulting in his hospitalization,” states “We are glad to announce that the attendee is now safe and recovering at the hospital.

According to comments by readers, the gruesome injury was caused by a metal part to a hammock. “This DID NOT happen at any of the performances, it occurred near the camp site areas, and was just an awful accident. Someone hung up their hammock with metal, and someone was running through and slit his throat on the metal. (He) didn’t die, but it was a medical emergency.”

Law enforcement is currently awaiting the autopsy report to determine Brockette’s cause of death. According to a press release from Michigan State Police – Hart Post, Brockette suffered a medical emergency Sunday about 11:15 p.m. and subsequently died as a result. He was a volunteer for an outside vendor at the music festival.



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