Water trail plan presentation June 24

June 10, 2014

PERE MARQUETTE TWP. (Mason County) — The West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC), Grand Valley State University (GVSU), and Williams and Works will be hosting a presentation of the Draft West Michigan Water Trail Plan in the Tuesday, June 24 at 5 p.m.

WMEAC, GVSU and Williams and Works have been studying the area between Benton Harbor to Ludington for nearly a year to gauge the communities’ desire and ability to implement a water trail spanning this coastline.

“A water trail incorporates more than simply access points and signs but also includes online marketing, underwater and offshore components like cultural, historical and ecological landmarks and even local amenities like lodging and businesses that would attract water trail users.”, said Josh Leffingwell communications director of WMEAC. “It’s truly about getting more people to utilize our lake shore and enjoy the communities that surround this unique shoreline.”

This plan will be presented to any interested stakeholders at the Ludington Convention and Visitors Bureau Conference Room at the Mason County Airport, 5300 US 10. This meeting is open to the public, including regional business owners, home owners, water sport companies, water sport users and others.

“This plan was designed to use a bottom up approach, with 18 public meetings in the communities along the lakeshore. In the process we’ve talked with over 100 stakeholders who have given us feedback on their communities’ desire to have a water trail in their area.”, said Leffingwell. “We’ve been excited to work with all of the lake shore visitors bureaus and a number of local business owners and neighbors who have told us the limitations and the desire in their community for a project like this. This presentation of the draft plan will allow the community another opportunity to voice their opinions before the final plan is delivered.”

During the event residents of Ludington and Pentwater area will learn more about the future possibilities as well as the current extent of ongoing complementary projects which share the aim to develop a usable, contiguous water trail along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

For more information about the West Michigan Water Trails Plan, please visit www.westmichiganwatertrail.com.

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