Village exploring rental housing inspections

June 9, 2014

By Allison Scarbrough. OCP Editor.

SHELBY — With a high amount of rental property in the village, the council is looking into the possibility of having rental inspections.

The City of Hart recently appointed a housing board of review to oversee inspections of its rental property, which is approximately 25 percent. Village Manager Aaron Desentz estimated that Shelby’s rental property percentage is comparable to Hart’s.

“They’ve got to be brought up to living standards,” said a resident who did not wish to be named during Monday night’s village council meeting. The resident said she lives in an area of the village that has a large amount of rentals. “It’s out of control,” she said, citing mold and overcrowding issues in the rental homes.

“It’s all for people’s safety,” said Village President Andrew Morse.

“You should be very concerned, because this affects all of our property values,” resident Mary Lulich said to the council.

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