Resident urges council to enforce court’s ‘98 decision about neighbor’s junk

June 9, 2014
John Heykoop's property on Ferry Street in Shelby.

John Heykoop’s property on Ferry Street in Shelby.

By Allison Scarbrough. OCP Editor.

SHELBY — Kay Lulich urged the village council Monday night to take action about the junk in her neighbor’s yard that is in non-compliance with an October 15, 1998 decision by the 27th Circuit Court.

The ongoing issue is raising concerns for Lulich as she watches more and more junk pile up on John Heykoop’s property on Ferry Street on the outskirts of the village limits.

heykoop 2“All that we’ve been waiting for is word from you that you would like us to proceed,” said Village President Andrew Morse. “That is really good news,” Lulich said.

“We’ve contacted Mr. Heykoop and we’re trying to get him to resolve these issues,” Morse said to Lulich. “We don’t want to make the situation worse for you. We know who we’re dealing with, and we know you’re trying to sell your home. This could make the situation miserable for everyone.”

“The citizens are owed something after paying for this court case,” Lulich said.

The court decision by Circuit Court Judge Terrence Thomas allows for automotive salvage materials only on the property, and all materials must be 148 feet from the center of the street, explained Village Administrator Aaron Desentz and Councilman Rich Setlack. The issue dates back many years, because Heykoop’s junkyard was established in the village before a junk ordinance went into effect.

Morse said the council will contact Village Attorney John Schrier of Parmenter O’Toole in Muskegon and go with his recommendation. “We want to make sure of what we’re doing before we do it,” he said.

Heykoop did not attend the meeting and could not be reached for comment.


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