Student book presentation Monday evening

May 28, 2014

book_ocpHART – Students in Brett Ramseyer’s 11th grade honors American literature class have published a book, and they are presenting it to the community Monday, June 2, at 7 p.m. in the Hart Middle School Auditorium.

This school year, the students studied American masters of literature and worked to emulate their styles and writing tools in fiction, poetry, non-fiction and memoir, Ramseyer said. “In doing so we wrote a vast portfolio.  I have now sifted through that portfolio with students and published a book entitled With Honors: Creation that is now available from by searching the book title or my name. This book is filled with writing from all my students of the course as well as some of my own work.

“Select award-winning students will be reading their pieces to the community, as well as a full class performance of our collective found poem ‘The Learning Process,’ he said.

“We wish to invite all the lovers of literature and supporters of student learning in the community to our publishing celebration as well as all students, friends and family.”

The 132-page paperback book costs $14.99. “This book includes teenage written fiction, poetry, essays, memoirs centered around the themes of learning, family, teenage angst and dreams of the future,” states the description on “It showcases some local award winning high school writing. It also includes samples of teacher writing created in the last year alongside students as well as a 2013 Norman Mailer Award For High School and Middle School Teachers of English National Semi-finalist entitled ‘ADDing and Subtracting.’”