Oceana court sentencings

May 22, 2014

By Allison Scarbrough. OCP Editor.

HART – The following were sentenced Monday:

27th Circuit Court



–       Mark Anthony Swenor, 51, of 104 Washington, Suite A, Hart, was found guilty April 7 of child sexually abusive material. He was sentenced to six months in jail with credit for six days served; sentence to be served at the court’s discretion; $198 in fines and costs; two years probation; no contact with any individual 17 years or younger; must register as sex offender; may not own, possess or use any computer or device capable of connecting to the Internet; may not use any telephone number or telephone services that are sexually-oriented; may not enter topless bars; may not purchase, possess or use any sexually-stimulating materials; must complete sex offender treatment; may not reside, work or loiter within 1,000 feet of a school zone; may not be within 500 feet of any parks, playgrounds, child care centers or any place primarily used by individuals 17 years or younger; may not possess children’s toys, clothing, games, etc.; may not possess photographic equipment; no alcohol/drugs; and all other conditions of probation.

78th District Court

–       Collen Ray Griffis, 21, of 418 S. Union St., Hart, was found guilty of allowing a person to drive in violation and sentenced to 90 days discretionary jail and $400 in fines and costs.

–       Juan Luis Perez, 38, of 309 E. Clock Rd., Hart, was found guilty of disorderly person – jostling and sentenced to 90 days discretionary jail and $400 in fines and costs.

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