Shelby selects new clerk amidst controversy over former clerk’s departure

April 15, 2014

By Allison Scarbrough. OCP Editor.

SHELBY – The Shelby Village Council voted 5-1 Monday night to offer Julie Schultz the part-time clerk position, replacing Peggy Miller who resigned last month after eight years on the job.

The village will offer Schultz $12.50 per hour for the 32-hour position, with three paid sick days to start and five personal time off (PTO) days after 90 days on the job.

Councilwoman Sharita Prowant cast the dissenting vote. Councilman Ben Michalko was absent.

Prowant moved for offering Schultz $12 per hour. “I think it’s a slap in the face if someone starts out what (Miller) was making after (eight) years,” Prowant said. The former clerk was paid $14 per hour, she said.

“You can go up (in pay scale), but you can’t go down,” Councilman Rich Setlak said.

When the topic of benefits came up, Prowant suggested that the council postpone its vote. “I think we need to iron it out, before we make an offer,” she said.

Village President Andrew Morse said Schultz offers great credentials with a two-year business degree and experience in administration and marketing.

“We’re getting a frickin bargain,” said Councilwoman Paula Michalko to Prowant, “I could go to an ice cream parlor and make $12.50 an hour for crying out loud.”

“I was out of the country when Peggy Miller resigned,” said audience member Mary Lulich. “I asked for the resignation letter, and it was pointed to the administrator (Aaron Desentz).” Desentz came on board as village administrator last September, replacing long-time Village Administrator and Department of Public Works Supervisor Randy Phillips who resigned in early 2013.

“Did anyone contact Aaron?” Lulich asked the council in regard to Miller’s resignation. “What’s going to prevent that from happening again? Did any of you reach out to her? She was 61-years-old and one year away from retirement. This council has a responsibility to her as an employee as well as its residents.”

“She was disgruntled with Aaron,” Morse said.

“She expressed that she wanted to quit,” Michalko said. “It did not start when Aaron got here.”

“We have had a huge turn-around here,” Morse said.

Desentz said four candidates were interviewed for the job out of a field of 30 applicants. The other interviewees were Candice Mason, Barb Setlak and Lynette Johnson.

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