New state law forces Hart to re-do snow day make-up plan

April 4, 2014

By Allison Scarbrough. OCP Editor

HART – Students will not have to stay in school 20 minutes longer every day to make up snow days as school officials had initially planned. They will have to go to school four days longer.

Superintendent Mark Platt announced today via Facebook and a district-wide phone message that Hart’s last day of school will now be June 10.

A plan announced March 13 was that the last day of school would be June 6, extending the school year two days. The plan was also to extend the school days 20 minutes beginning next Monday – the day students return from spring break.

The last-minute change in plans was the result of a state law enacted yesterday. “All districts in Michigan were notified of a change in the pupil accounting manual,” Platt says in his voice message.

“It isn’t a bad bill, it’s just poor timing for Hart because our spring break is ending today and our make-up plan was scheduled to start Monday,” the school leader writes on the Hart Public Schools Community Facebook page.

The district doubled the state’s allotted snow day total of six when it cancelled classes 12 times this winter, one of the most brutal in West Michigan history.

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