Shelby band students experience solo and ensemble in COVID climate.

October 22, 2020

The Shelby Eighth Grade Band.
– Contributed photo

Shelby band students experience solo and ensemble in COVID climate.

SHELBY — The Shelby Eighth Grade Band recently had the opportunity to experience solo and ensemble during a year when the music was silenced by COVID-19.

“Since our students were unable to participate in MSBOA (Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association) Solo and Ensemble this year due to COVID-19, we decided to put on our own solo and ensemble just for the eighth grade,” said Shelby Assistant Band Director Erin Ray.

Shelby eighth grader Erick Mayorquin plays his trombone. – Contributed photo

The eighth grade band, which Ray directs, individually performed solos for the class with a piano accompaniment Monday, Oct. 19.

“They have been practicing these solos for the past month to work on using all of the musical terms they learn about in class,” she said.

Students dressed up for their performance and were able to social distance in the band room to perform their piece. Ray and two Shelby staff members, Rosa Avilez and Susannah Cornaby, were able to help fill out judge forms to complete the experience. Students celebrated their successful performance with a walk outside the following day to enjoy the fall leaves and have some hot cocoa.

“Our seventh grade band is continuing to practice their instruments and develop good habits,” she said. “We’re working on recording some of our pieces so we can share them with parents to show their amazing progress.”

Shelby Seventh Grade Band.
– Contributed photo

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