Jail time for purse snatcher.

April 10, 2017
Sidney Fuller with his attorney, Julie Springstead Waltz.

Sidney Fuller with his attorney, Julie Springstead Waltz.

Jail time for purse snatcher.

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By Allison Scarbrough. Editor.

HART — A 54-year-old Hart man convicted of larceny in a building was sentenced to serve five months of a one-year discretionary jail term in 27th Circuit Court Monday, April 10.

Sidney B. Fuller, of 3761 N. 144th Ave., testified earlier that he stole a purse from a shopping cart at the Cherry Hill Supermarket in Shelby last December.

Judge Bradley Lambrix gave Fuller credit for the 114 days he served in jail and allowed him to be released today as long as he pays $500 toward his court costs.

In exchange for Fuller’s guilty plea, his third-offense habitual offender notice was dismissed, said Oceana County Prosecutor Joseph Bizon.

The maximum penalty for the offense is four years in prison, Bizon said. Lambrix said sentencing guidelines in the case were 0-17 months.

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